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When people resolve to better themselves, the number one focus, by far, involves diet and fitness. Typically, we fixate on the stomach region. Because of that, there are a plethora of products available for home use that all promise success. It sounds great, and we eagerly buy into the hype, but the truth is, not every ab machine will produce the results that you may be picturing in your head.

Ab machines vary greatly in focus and design, so when it comes to selecting the best one, it's really all about selecting the best one for you. Comfort, effectiveness, durability, and price are all primary concerns. However, to get the exact type of workout you want, there are many other aspects you will need to consider.

5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (1) 5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (2)

It is essential to warm up before any workout to reduce the risk of injury.

Key considerations

There are many aspects to consider when selecting an ab machine. First, we'll take a look at the bigger picture items: comfort, effectiveness, durability, and price.


Comfort is not limited to the ab machine's padding. When looking for a unit that is right for you, it needs to fit. If you are tall, you don't want to be contorting your body just to get it to fit on the machine; if you are short, you don't want to be reaching and overextending while exercising. The ab machine must also be suitable for your weight and not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Expert Tip

Ab machines are onlyone piece to the puzzle of building a leaner midsection. Isolateabdominal musclesat the end of a workout after doing more functional exercises that target the body as a whole and use your core andabs to stabilize your spine. Isolated ab exercises on machines are usually more effective after they are pre-fatiguedfrom performing bigger movements.

Judd NeSmith

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If it doesn't work, it's not going to help you reach your goals. For instance, muscle stimulators may claim to tone the body, but they have only been proven effective in pain management and rehabilitation. If the ab machine is too easy or too hard for your fitness level, it is not going to be the best option for you. The best ab machines are versatile, and offer a variety of positions, allowing you to work the lateral abdomen as well as the upper and lower abdomen.


An ab machine must be sturdy enough to handle heavy use two to three times every week. If your unit wears out quickly or breaks, it will be of no use to you. Even if you are just afraid it could wear out or break, that could keep you from exercising properly.

So many options

Now that you understand the more general requirements for satisfaction, the following list of options will help narrow down the perfect ab machine for your individual needs.

Target area

If you have a specific area you want to target, like the obliques, be sure the ab machine you are considering can handle the task.


One of the main reasons for injury when performing ab exercises is lack of support. Be sure the ab machine you are considering provides adequate support for your head, neck, and spine. An ergonomic machine that reinforces proper posture is best. Note: Individuals of an advanced skill level may find it more beneficial to provide the stability using core muscles.

Expert Tip

When performing any abdominal exercises remember to pull your bottom rib cage down and pull your belly button towards your spine. This will promote optimum abdominal muscle recruitment while preventing excessive low back stress.

Judd NeSmith

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Range of motion

In general, the greater the range of motion an ab machine accommodates, the more effective it can be.


Versatility can go beyond ab exercises. If you are looking for a full-body workout, something that is as effective for your arms and legs as it is your core, you'll need a versatile machine that allows you to execute those types of exercises.

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Workout position

Do you prefer to be on your back? Sitting up? Standing? The choice is yours. Whichever you prefer, you can find an ab machine that accommodates your positional needs.

Movable parts

Some ab crunchers have no moving parts. This typically makes the machine extremely durable.

Average workout time

Be careful not to be misled by hype. That being said, a machine that is effective after only 10 minutes, might be more appealing to some than a machine that requires a 20-minute (or more) commitment.


You want an ab machine that can not only grow with you,but one that will continue to challenge you as you build strength. Often, this is accomplished (or enhanced) by a feature that offers variable resistance.


If you do not have much room, look for an ab machine that folds down to a convenient size. Something that can be slid under the bed or stashed in a closet is ideal.

Expert Tip

Lean and developed abs start in the kitchen with a cleaner diet. Abdominal exercises do not burn fat.

Judd NeSmith

Best Reviews Fitness Expert

Other considerations

There are a number of other aspects to consider that do not directly relate to workouts. A nutrition guide, an instructional DVD or an online link, a list of other exercises, transport wheels, no-slip feet, protection so your floor doesn't get damaged, and being constructed with materials that are easy to clean are some of the list-topping bonus features.


The price range of ab machines is wide. You can get a highly effective piece of equipment for under $20 just as easily as you can spend several hundred dollars on an item that might not be right for you.

For$15 to $25, you can get a roller-based ab machine. This type of equipment is inexpensive yet highly effective for many individuals because it engages the core muscles.


In the$30 to $50 range, most of the machines are designed to help with crunches. Many have no moving parts, which can enhance their durability.

From$50 to around $100, you start to see ab machines with positionable benches, variable resistance, and multiple moving parts. Although they are more costly than rollers, this price is actually entry level for the larger machines, so be careful.

Once you cross into the$200and beyond range, you can find ab coasters and full-body workout machines like you might expect to find in a gym. Again, proceed with caution at this level to be sure the machine you are considering is durable enough to handle frequent heavy-duty usage.

5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (3) 5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (4)

Did you know?

The importance of having strong abdominal muscles increases with age. Losing strength in your core region means not having the mobility you will need for a full and active life in your later years.



How to get results

Often, individuals attack a new workout routine with impressive vigor only to back off and eventually lose interest when no results are visible. When that happens, your ab machine goes in the closet or gets pushed to a corner and never gets used again. The best motivator is results. Here are some tips to help you achieve them.

  • Follow all directions.Read the instructions that come with your ab machine and follow them. Not using an ab machine properly can actually be worse for your body than simply not using an ab machine at all.

  • Take it slowly.The benefit from most exercises comes from slow, deliberate, and controlled movements with impeccable form. Burning through a few exercises sets might not produce the results you want.

  • Don't be a jerk.Explosive motions that yank other parts of your body, such as clasping your hands behind your neck to pull your head up for a crunch, often do more harm than good.

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  • Think about it.Be focused on what you're doing and how your body is moving.

  • Visualize navel to spine.The visualization of moving your navel to your spine is one that helps many individuals achieve the proper form and focus while working ab muscles.

  • Think posture and position.Maintaining correct posture and body position is essential if you want ab exercises to be effective.

  • Breathe.It's important to keep breathing while you workout to give your muscles energy. Exhaling when exerting helps to control your blood pressure – never hold your breath while exerting yourself.

  • Variety is the key.Doing one repeated motion day after day after day will not produce results. You need to add variety to your movements in order to experience the best results.

  • Try stability or lack of it.If you truly want the hardest, most effective workout for your abs, use a machine that doesn't offer stability. Abdominal crunches on a balance ball are much more effective than abdominal crunches done on the floor because you are engaging your entire core. Note: this advice is for more experienced individuals.

5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (5) 5 Best Ab Machines - June 2023 - BestReviews (6)

Everyone is different. An ab machine that is perfect for someone else, might not be the right one for you.


Q.I'm using my ab machine properly, why am I not seeing those six-pack abs?

A.An ab machine is only part of the equation. You also need to eat right and do cardio exercises (to burn fat) in order to actually see the results. If you are just using your ab machine – and you are using it correctly – you are indeed building muscles, but if you have a layer of belly fat overtop of those muscles, you will never be able to see the results. Use your ab machine in conjunction with the other elements and you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

Q.What are the benefits of having strong ab muscles?

A.Ab muscles are part of the set of muscles that stabilize your body's core. As such, strong ab muscles can help improve your posture, protect your back and spine, give you better balance, allow you to twist and lift, and help you to breathe more easily, which can enhance your endurance. In other words, keeping your abs strong is essential to your overall health and fitness.

Q.I've always heard the phrase "no pain, no gain." Is that true?

A.No. In fact, if you are experiencing pain while using your ab machine, you are either using it improperly, it is not the right size, or it is not the exercise that you should be doing. If your back hurts, your neck hurts, or any other area bothers you while doing your ab routine, stop immediately and seek help. All the areas that an ab machine can help can also be damaged if something's not right.


What is the best machine to get abs? ›

The Best Ab Machines
  • Best Overall. Fitlaya Fitness Core Abdominal Trainer. ...
  • Best Value. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. ...
  • Best Barbell Ab Trainer. CAP Barbell Barbell Ab Trainer. ...
  • Best Sliders. Iron Core Fitness Gliding Discs. ...
  • Best Ab Bench. Flybird Adjustable Ab and Weight Bench. ...
  • Best Roman Chair. ...
  • Best Swiss Ball. ...
  • Best for Techies.
Mar 20, 2023

Are there any ab machines that work? ›

Ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines are pivotal abs machines for building functional core strength and offer a great core workout at the gym.

What machines help lose belly fat? ›

The following are among the most popular and effective workout machines used for reducing belly fat.
  • Treadmill.
  • Elliptical.
  • Stairmaster.
  • Stationary bike.
  • Rowing machine.
Nov 10, 2020

What is the number 1 best exercise for abs? ›

According to the study, the bicycle crunch was the most effective stomach exercise when analysing the muscle activity in the abdominals. To complete a bicycle crunch, lie on your back with your lower back pressed into the ground, bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

What is the fastest you can get abs? ›

The American Council on Exercise says a 1 percent body fat loss per month is safe and achievable. Given that math, it could take a woman with average body fat about 20 to 26 months to achieve the appropriate amount of fat loss for six-pack abs. The average man would need about 15 to 21 months.

What is the fastest and most efficient way to get abs? ›

Strength training your abs will surely help in building the muscles and sharpening them, but the key to having them be visible abs is lowering overall body fat through proper diet (caloric intake) while exercising (caloric expenditure). In other words, the fastest way to get abs is to lose body fat.

Do electric ab machines actually work? ›

The quick answer is no, there is no significant scientific evidence to show that electrical stimulation helps with weight loss. There is evidence that EMS to the abdominals may decrease the waist size but it does not translate to losing weight.

Are ab machines at the gym worth it? ›

Most abdominal machines are specifically designed to take the hip flexors out of the movement, allowing the arms, shoulders, and legs to assist instead of relying on the core for strength." So while you might be slightly strengthening some muscles, this machine probably won't make you feel stronger IRL.

Do ab workouts really burn belly fat? ›

Evidence shows that you can't lose belly fat by exercising your abs alone. For total-body fat loss, use a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training, such as lifting weights. In addition, eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein, fiber and portion control — all of which are proven to help reduce body fat.

What's the number one thing to lose belly fat? ›

1. Exercise: Vigorous exercise trims all your fat, including visceral fat. Get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week. Walking counts, as long as it's brisk enough that you work up a sweat and breathe harder, with your heart rate faster than usual.

What procedure removes the most belly fat? ›

Liposuction is a shape-changing procedure that removes fat from a specific area of the body. Patients can expect up to 50% to 70% fat removal in a treated area in some cases. We can treat the following areas of the body with liposuction: Abdomen.

What is the best thing to remove belly fat? ›

Here's how to whittle down where it matters most.
  • Try curbing carbs instead of fats. ...
  • Think eating plan, not diet. ...
  • Keep moving. ...
  • Lift weights. ...
  • Become a label reader. ...
  • Move away from processed foods. ...
  • Focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale. ...
  • Hang out with health-focused friends.

What is scientifically the best ab exercise? ›

The crunch (with arms extended) ranked highest for upper abs, the vertical leg raise (hanging) ranked highest for lower abs, and the bicycle crunch ranked high for lower and upper abs. The side bend was tops for obliques. The incline curl-up (called “incline reverse crunch”) ranked best for upper abs.

What are 3 exercises that strengthen the core? ›

Here are our top 5 core exercises!
  • Plank. The plank is a perfect start to your core strengthening journey; with minimal movement, this exercise can be adapted to something harder or easier depending on how you feel. ...
  • Reverse crunch. ...
  • Bird Dog Crunch. ...
  • Bicycle Crunch – Sitting. ...
  • Glute Bridge.

How long does it take to see results from ab? ›

A good rule of thumb (and a safe one) is to aim to lose 1 to 2 percent of body fat per month. So, unveiling your abs can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.

How long does it take to transform your body from fat to fit? ›

“At 6 to 8 weeks, you can definitely notice some changes,” said Logie, “and in 3 to 4 months you can do a pretty good overhaul to your health and fitness.” Strength-specific results take about the same amount of time.

Is it possible to get abs in 2 weeks? ›

Most people won't get the shredded defined abs look in 2 weeks, but this does not mean you won't develop your ab muscles. Abs are visible only when you are at a low enough body fat percentage!

What's the best way to get abs in a month? ›

How to Get a Six Pack in Less than A Month
  1. W Raises x 5 reps (lower abs)
  2. Black Widow Knee Slides x 45 seconds (bottom up rotation)
  3. Butterfly Sit-ups x 10 reps (midrange)
  4. Seated Corkscrews x 45 seconds (obliques)
  5. Levitation Crunches x 10 reps (upper abs)
  6. Sit-Up Elbow Thrusts x 5 reps each side (top down rotation)

What is the hardest ab exercise without equipment? ›

These bodyweight ab exercises are great for developing the core muscles and can be done at home with no equipment whatsoever.
  • Crunch. The crunch remains the best-known exercise for your abs, and with good reason. ...
  • Heel taps. ...
  • Plank. ...
  • Mountain climbers. ...
  • Leg Raises. ...
  • Bicycle crunch. ...
  • Pike Crunch. ...
  • Reverse Crunch.
Jun 7, 2022

Are ab machines better than regular ab workouts? ›

Ab machines do, however, ignore one key aspect to training the abs – stabilization. A lot of the machines will aid in mobilization, but they can't help your deep stabilizing core muscles. Swiss balls are huge for stabilization. Instead of doing crunches on the floor, get up and onto a Swiss ball and do some crunches.

Is it OK to do ab workouts everyday? ›

Like all muscle groups, the abdominal muscles need time to rest and recover after exercise in order to repair and rebuild back stronger. Doing ab workouts every day can impede this repetitive process and compromise your gains in strength and size.

Are ab workouts everyday good? ›

Experts also believe that just like any other muscle, it is always better to give some rest to your abdominal muscles. That's why doing abs daily is not really a great idea. Also, just doing spot reduction is not going to give you six-pack abs.

Is torso rotation good for abs? ›

The benefits of torso rotational exercises include increased mobility and strengthened obliques. Using the rotary torso machine will strengthen and tone your oblique muscles, but it will not specifically burn fat off the area you are working.

How to lose belly fat and get abs in 2 weeks? ›

Start with our high-fiber diet plan.
  1. Walk every day.
  2. Load up on protein.
  3. Okay, now you can do some crunches.
  4. Try to limit your stress.
  5. Prioritize quality sleep.
  6. Drink less alcohol.
  7. Cook more often.
  8. Avoid sugary foods.
Dec 16, 2022

How do you lose the layer of fat on your abs? ›

Studies have shown that you can help trim visceral fat or prevent its growth with both aerobic activity (such as brisk walking) and strength training (exercising with weights). Spot exercises, such as sit-ups, can tighten abdominal muscles but won't get at visceral fat. Exercise can also help keep fat from coming back.

Does holding in your stomach help flatten it? ›

Suck in your stomach.

Not only will this move instantly make your stomach look flatter, but you will also be giving your abs a workout. Your deep core muscles are activated by sucking in your stomach and the longer you suck in, the more toned your core will be.

What are the two veggies that destroy belly fat? ›

These veggies: certain vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and cabbage contain special phytonutrients (fight-o-nutrients), such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which help to fight against environmental estrogens that can add belly fat.

What foods burn fat crazy? ›

Fat-Fighting Foods
  • Greek Yogurt. 1/26. Greek yogurt has almost twice as much protein as other yogurts. ...
  • Quinoa. 2/26. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is a nutritional all-star that belongs in your weight loss plan. ...
  • Cinnamon. 3/26. ...
  • Hot Peppers. 4/26. ...
  • Green Tea. 5/26. ...
  • Grapefruit. 6/26. ...
  • Watermelon. 7/26. ...
  • Pears and Apples. 8/26.
Feb 22, 2022

What dissolves fat cells? ›

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps break down fat for digestion. In injectable form, deoxycholic acid can break down fat cells on contact for isolated reduction of a fat pocket.

What causes hanging belly fat? ›

Obesity: Sometimes, obesity can cause fat deposits to hang down from the abdomen, causing a large abdominal pannus. Weight loss: If a person loses a lot of weight rapidly, such as from bariatric surgery, they may have an excess of skin that hangs from the stomach.

How to lose belly fat after 60? ›

Weight Training

Weight or resistance training is the best way to lose belly fat after 65. As mentioned earlier, burning belly fat can be challenging in this age group due to muscle loss. By doing resistance training exercises, you develop more muscle mass that helps your body burn more calories even at rest (1).

Can lemon water reduce belly fat? ›

You can use lemon to reduce belly fat along with following a workout and diet plan. Solely drinking lemon water without diet will only benefit your overall well-being.

What foods burn belly fat overnight? ›

Lose weight and sleep great by eating these healthy foods before bed!
  • Whey Protein Shake. ...
  • A Warm Bowl of Oatmeal. ...
  • Greek Yogurt with Berries or Cherries. ...
  • Half a Turkey Sandwich. ...
  • Egg Wrap. ...
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel. ...
  • Cottage Cheese and Fruit. ...
  • Peanut and Nut Butters.
Mar 9, 2022

What is the king of ab exercises? ›

Abs King: The Plank

This is one of the most effective abdominal workouts as you work your entire core, the front, and the back. Your forearms and feet are on the ground. To ratchet this classic move up a few notches you can raise an arm, or opposite arm and leg. Hold the pose for as long as you can, rest, repeat.

What are 2 good ab exercises? ›

Two exercises keep proving to be gold standards of core strengthening: the crunch, which firms the more superficial abs-the rectus abdominis down the center and the obliques along the sides-and the plank, which works the deep, corset-like transverse abdominis.

How can I tone my core in 2 weeks? ›

5 Moves to Reveal Your Abs in Two Weeks
  1. Bastards. Why: You need to be burning fat and building core strength at the same time. ...
  2. Squats. Why: Sometimes called “the king of exercises”, squats are typically associated with huge lower-body power, not a ripped core. ...
  3. Barbell rollout. ...
  4. Frozen V-sits. ...
  5. Skipping.
Oct 19, 2022

How long does it take to flatten abs? ›

Getting a flat stomach really depends on two main factors. It is realistic to say that you can achieve a flatter stomach in as little as 6-12 weeks with a sound diet and exercise approach that places you in a slight and progressive caloric deficit for that time period.

What is the single best core exercise? ›

According to the study, the bicycle crunch was the most effective stomach exercise when analysing the muscle activity in the abdominals. To complete a bicycle crunch, lie on your back with your lower back pressed into the ground, bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

What exercises engage your core the most? ›

Your core engages during resistance activities in which you're holding weight in your arms, such as biceps curls, squats, deadlifts, and military presses. You can also engage one side more than the other by doing single-arm or single-leg exercises.

Do ab stimulators really work? ›

The quick answer is no, there is no significant scientific evidence to show that electrical stimulation helps with weight loss. There is evidence that EMS to the abdominals may decrease the waist size but it does not translate to losing weight.

Do ab machines build abs? ›

The Ab Crunch machine trains the abs as well as another pair of important muscles. However, performing this exercise requires attention to detail. There's a small difference between proper execution and lower back strain with the ab crunch.

How long does it take for a six pack to form? ›

Your timeline to a six-pack depends on the body fat percentage you're starting with. A good rule of thumb (and a safe one) is to aim to lose 1 to 2 percent of body fat per month. So, unveiling your abs can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. It really does vary.

Can you lose belly fat with ab stimulator? ›

Ab stimulators cannot burn fat. To burn fat, a person must create a calorie deficit, using more calories through exercise and movement than they eat each day. Even when ab stimulators do slightly strengthen muscles, therefore, a person will not notice a difference in their appearance if they are not also burning fat.

What are the disadvantages of abs stimulator? ›

Risks of Using Ab Stimulators
  • Burns.
  • Bruises.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Electrical shock.
  • Problems when you use them with other medical devices, like pacemakers.

How many times a day should you use the abs stimulator? ›

The solution is simple: 15 minutes of the device twice a day and you are going to see the results on your abs in no more than 3 months. The stimulating belt allows you to train your abdominal muscles and sculpt your body just the way you want it.

How do you tighten your stomach muscles? ›

Abdominal crunches are a classic core-strength exercise:
  1. Lie on your back and place your feet on a wall so that your knees and hips are bent at 90-degree angles. Tighten your abdominal muscles.
  2. Raise your head and shoulders off the floor. ...
  3. Return to the start position and repeat.

What workouts burn the most fat? ›

Running is the winner for most calories burned per hour. Stationary bicycling, jogging, and swimming are excellent options as well. HIIT exercises are also great for burning calories. After a HIIT workout, your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours.

Is six-pack in 30 days worth it? ›

Ultimately, abs in a month is just not feasible. It's possible if you are already pretty lean and in very good shape, but even then, it's doubtful. Changes to your body and your fitness take time. Imagine trying to build up muscle anywhere else on your body?

Is there a way to get a six-pack in 30 days? ›

Although possible, achieving six-pack abs in 30 days is simply not doable for the vast majority of people. One of the most typical workout goals is to get abs in 30 days. Although it is theoretically possible, it is just not doable for the vast majority of people, especially those who are new to fitness.

How long does it take to get a flat stomach? ›

Losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach is done through achieving a caloric deficit by eating less, exercising more, and doing that for at least 6-12 weeks. The more stubborn your belly fat is, the more strict and consistent you need to be with your diet and exercises regimen throughout that period.


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