Elden Ring Ainsel River Location, Walkthrough, and Items (UPDATED) [May 2023] - Qnnit (2023)

Elden Ring Ainsel River Location, Walkthrough, and Items (UPDATED) [May 2023] - Qnnit (1)

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Ainsel Riveris one of the most interesting locations of Elden Ring, rich with many items to retrieve. It is a cave system with many routes to go into and find the items. Ainsel River can be reached in three different directions. It can be called from the northern gateway from the top of Renna’s Rise. It can be accessed through the southern side by taking the lift down at Ainsel River Well.

Elden Ring Ainsel River Location, Walkthrough, and Items (UPDATED) [May 2023] - Qnnit (2)

It can also be reached after defeating Gargoyles at a Siofra Aqueduct and taking a coffin from the Nameless Eternal City Grace cite. This location of Elden Ring has three sub-locations that need to be visited Ainsel River Main, Uhl Palace Ruins, and Nokstella, Eternal City. This site has no NPCs and one merchant to meet. Following is the Ainsel River Map.

Ainsel River Guide:

Following are the steps to go through different caves and items to retrieve in this river:

  • In east Liurnia, north to the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace, reach the building being guarded by a Golem, which can be skipped, and head to the elevator which will take you to the Ainsel River
  • After reaching down at the Site of Grace, there will be a group of Giant Ants hanging down to a wall. You can ignore them at the moment and head right where you will find Golden Rune [3]. Move straight from there, and at the end of the waterfall, find a corpse; looting its remains will give Magic Grease x3
  • Reach back to the cave of clinging ants and lure them one by one to pick them off. After entering the cave, loot another corpse lying there, giving Grace Mimic x8. After heading forward, beware as there is another Ant on the right side behind the wall to attack and another as you move ahead. Get rid of the ant and head left, where two more ants will appear. After killing them, there will be Smithing Stone [3] x1
  • Head back to the main path; two more ants will be waiting, clinging down from above. After killing them, on the left side, you will find Silver Firefly x2 and a corpse with a Golden Rune [1]. An ant guarding a corpse will be found on the left hand, which will give off Smithing Stone [3] after killing the ant and looting the corpse
  • Keep following the same path after jumping up and killing the Queen Ant, which will give off the reward of Rune Arc [10] x1. After that, you will have to face seven ants further, kill them, and head back to where Silverfly was found. There is another path on the left; follow the way until the end, where you will witness a Ghost Glovewort [1] with a corpse just behind it holding an SShattershard Arrow (fletched) x10. Head to the left corner and take Smithing Stone [3] off of a corpse
  • After that, move upstairs straight and activate the Site of Grace. After that, turn back and find a room just beside the Site of Grace. Step in the elevator which will take you down, and at the bottom, you will discover Uhl Palace Ruins
  • Move to the right, hold the wall and keep moving until you find a corpse having Golden Rune [1]. There will be a group of Clayman. Move up, and find another corpse on the left side to get Golden Rune [3]. Hold the left wall to get Smithing Stone [1]. More Clayman will appear, get rid of them, and on the right hand, another corpse could be found having a Golden Rune [2]
  • Behind that wall, there’s another Ghost Glovewort [1]. Head back to where Queen Ant was found and keep following the route. After reaching the end, jump and find a corpse having Smithing Sine [4]; jump down again, and there will be another corpse with Celestial Dew. Jump down again and move towards the entrance
  • More Clayman will appear in the hallway; after reaching the end, multiple items will be on the ground,d but Malformed Star will attack you, so take cover quickly. Here you will find Furcalling Finger Remedy, a Golden Rune [3], Throwing Dagger x6, and Magic Grease x2
  • Turn right, get past Clayman and move upstairs to find Golden Rune [3]. Stay alert from Malformed Star, ignore the Clayman, and keep moving until you reach a ruin under Malformed Star. In this ruin, move right by the pillar, take the Ainsel river Map from the corpse, and meet Hermit Merchant Ainsel River. He sells off Gravity Stone Fan, Prisoner Set, Lost Ashes of War, Gravity Stone Chunk, Celestial Dew, Perfumer’s Cookbook [4], and Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [16]
  • Move back to the hallway and find a corpse with Shield Grease. Turn left at the end of the hallway leading into a tunnel on the left. At the end of this tunnel, reach up to the Malformed star through a broken pillar and find a corpse on the left with Smithing Stone [1] x3. Move ahead by jumping onto the platform and get Smithing Stone. Hold the wall and keep covering yourself from Malformed Star’s attacks
  • Jump down from the edge of the right corner, jump again and get Smithing Stone [3] x3. Jump down, hold the right wall and reach the Site of Grace. Find Formic Rock, an immunizing Horn Charm, Smithing Stone [2] x3, and Crystal Dart x5 by avoiding giant ants. Find another Formic Rock on the right and two Basilisks on the left which can be taken down from the back by surprise. More Formic Rocks can be found on the right and another Basiliska corpse holding Soap x4. Aeonian Butterflies will be found at the end of the cliff, and Somber Smithing Stone [3] by a corpse
  • Move back to where you found Giant Ants and turn left. Sneak up on three more Ants, move forward, and turn left of the first corner to find Melted Mushroom x3 by a corpse. Turn around and walk straight to find Ghost Glovewort [2]. Head right after turning around again and find Dragonkin Soldier of Notskella at the end of this tunnel
  • This boss fight will reward you with Frozen Lightning Spear Incantation with 12,000 Runes gain, with which Site of Grace will appear. Move inside the tower to get Great Ghost Glovewort
  • Visit Ranni’s Chamber, head downstairs, and reach outside. Move northeast to get to Renna’s Rise. Find the ladder inside it to go upstairs and use the waygate to reach the Ainsel River Main quickly

Ainsel River Main Area:

  • After arriving there, move straight and find a tomb with Miniature Ranni. Get to the site of grace, rest, and then make a dialogue with Miniature Ranni
  • After that, move straight to Uhl Palace Ruins, where you will face Malformed Star again. Kill the Malformed Star and get Somber Smithing Stone [7]. Also, get Golden Rune [7] by the corpse on the left side and a Smithing Stone [4] on the right. Go upstairs to Human Bone Shard, held by a corpse and guarded by a Clayman
  • Move towards Giant Miranda Flower after that to find a corpse with Stonesword Key. Move towards the waterfall and pick Clayman Ashes on the right side of it
  • Find the tunnel after turning back headed down to Two Formic Rock on the right side. In the middle of the tunnel, find a corpse on the left with Stimulating Boluses. Continue moving and see another corpse holding Golden Rune [10] x8 guarded by two Winged Ants. On the right, another corpse with Shield Grease x2 could be found being blocked by a Shield Ant
  • Keep moving down, and at the end, find Starcaller. Few Formic Rocks could be found on the left side. Another Starcaller will be on your right, kill it and continue moving by holding the wall. Jump down, go ahead, and jump on the platform. Find a chest by the pillar to get Wing of Astel. Follow the backtrack and on the left, get Somber Smithing Stone [6] from the corpse. Head back to where you found Winged Ants, turn left, and move down the track. By entering the hallway, you have reached Nokstella, Eternal City

Nokstella, Eternal City:

  • After jumping down twice, a site of grace will be visible. By heading left, Magic Grease x3 can be found. Moving to your right and by the wall across the water stream, you will face Nox Swordstress on a Giant Ant. Keep moving ahead to face two more Nox Swordstress alongside a corpse with Smithing Stone [6] and another corpse with Drawstring Holy Grease x2
  • Head to the cliff edge and move on the right side until you find a corpse with Silver Tear Husk x3. Now turn around, hold the wall on the right and move ahead. After turning right, you will encounter Serpent Snails around a corpse with Celestial Dew
  • Move to the Southeast, go upstairs, and enter the room by turning left to find a chest with Ant’s Skull Plate guarded by Nox Swordstress. Outside and upstairs, find a corpse with Fan Daggers and Night Maiden as a guard. Keep moving up and find Silver Tears
  • After reaching the top, go left around the wall and find a corpse at the end of the path with Archer’s Ashes. Going back into the building, enter the room with a chest containing Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [2] guarded by Silver Tears
  • Find another corpse outside by following the path with Golden Rune [10] on the right side. Then enter the room on the left to take Somber Smithing Stone [7] from a corpse
  • Move upstairs after coming outside, turn left, and enter the mist using Stonesword Key. After getting in, find a chest containing Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets guarded by two Nox Monks
  • After coming outside, use the statue on the bridge to get cover from a rolling Silver Sphere. Find Golden Rune [10] by a corpse on that bridge. Enter the building after crossing the bridge on the right and get Great Ghost Glovewort from the chest, and then kill another rolling sphere entering the room
  • Head outside, go upstairs by turning right, and find a corpse with Golden Rune [10] on the left staircase handrail. After getting to the top, go right and turn left to find Smithing Stone [6] from a corpse by the door. Head outside and enter the room with an open door and a chest with Somber Smithing Stone [7]. At the right exit, find the bridge at the end of it to get Somber Smithing Stone [6]. After killing Teardrop Scarab
  • Continue upstairs, and in the room face, two Silver Tears transformed into humans. You can find Moon of Nokstella at the end of the room, in a chest
  • Move down by exiting the room and taking the elevator to the bottom. Find Golden Seed from the illusory tree. Head north and move to the edge to get Stonesword Key from a corpse. You have now collected all the items


Following are some frequently asked questions about Elden Ring Ainsel River:

Q1: Which boss will I face in Ainsel River?

Ans: Dragonkin Soldier of Notskella is the boss fighting for the Ainsel River quest.

Q2: Where to find the merchant in Ainsel River?

Ans: He can be found at the end of the Southwestern stone ruin of Ainsel River.

Q3: How many routes are there to get to the Ainsel River?

Ans: There are three routes to get there: the southern side, the northern gateway from the top of Renna’s Rise, and the coffin of Nameless Eternal City Grace Site.


Ainsel Riveris a location of Elden Ring with many rewards but has many caves and routes to get to those rewards. With many access points, this questline has only one boss fight but many creatures requiring different incantations and weapons to kill.

This blog presented a complete guide on the Ainsel River in Elden Ring. Visit our websiteQnnitto read more informative blogs such asGPO Private Server CodesandChapter Redemption Codes.

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How do you get the treasure chest in Ainsel River? ›

There will be a strange figure at the end of the cave. Lure it in, because once you exit you'll be attacked by the previous Malformed Star from Ainsel River Depths if you did not kill it. Head right and jump down to the beams behind the Malformed Star. There will be a chest directly behind where the boss would be.

How do I get to the second part of Ainsel River? ›

You can access the southern part of the region by taking the lift down at Ainsel River Well. The northern part, Ainsel River Main, is accessed by a waygate at the top of Renna's Rise after giving Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade or by taking a coffin in Deeproot Depths (see it on the Elden Ring Map here).

How do you progress further in Ainsel River? ›

Ainsel River Main

Progress down the river ahead, through the Claymen that also appear in this area. Ahead there is another Naturalborn hanging from the ceiling, directly in front of where you need to go to progress. You can go just to the left and use the ruins to along the way to block the heads.

What comes after Dragonkin soldier of Nokstella? ›

Upon defeating the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, you'll earn the Frozen Lightning Spear Incantation.

How do you get deeper in Ainsel River? ›

The Deep Ainsel Well's exit point is found at the Moonlight Altar plateau, high above in southern Liurnia of the Lakes. You can reach it by navigating through the underground Lake of Rot, defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, and going up the lift found north of his boss arena.

Is Ainsel River optional? ›

Ainsel River is one of the optional underground zones in Elden Ring.

How do you get to the Lake of Rot in Ainsel River? ›

You can get to Lake of Rot by heading southwest from the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace in Ainsel River Main.

How do I get to Ainsel River without Ranni? ›

Another way to reach here without progressing Ranni's quest is from a coffin in the northwestern section of Deeproot Depths (see it on the Elden Ring Map here). The main, northern body of the Ainsel River. Two great rivers flow beneath the Lands between, the Siofra and the Ainsel.

How do I get to Baleful Shadow from Ainsel River Main? ›

Go to Renna's Rise in Three Sisters, which is the tower to the north of Ranni's Rise that was previously sealed by a barrier. Climb the tower, grab the Snow Witch set from the chest half way up, then take the teleporter at the top to get to a new area deep in Ainsel River.

Is there a boss in Nokstella Eternal City? ›

Quick Links. In Elden Ring the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella is a Great Enemy Boss that resides in a spacious lagoon south of Nokstella, Eternal City, in the subterranean region of Ainsel River.

What level should you fight Radahn? ›

You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

What level should I be for malenia? ›

The recommended level for Malenia is 120 at least, ideally 125+, with weapons of +23 or more. You can't really be overleveled for this fight.

What level should I stop at Elden Ring? ›

Depending on your build, it's usually wise to stop leveling Strength once you've allocated 50 points to it. Any more results in diminishing returns.

What is the Dragonkin Soldier weak to? ›

Dragonkin Soldier Overview
SummonsSpirit Ashes and Players
DropsSiofra River: 16,000 Runes; Dragon Halberd Ainsel River: 12,000 Runes; Frozen Lightning Spear Lake of Rot: 58,000 Runes; Dragonscale Blade
WeaknessesPhysical Attacks
1 more row
May 23, 2022

Is Dragonkin Soldier hard? ›

The Dragonkin Soldier is fairly simple as far as bosses go. He mainly just swings his arms around a bunch. The challenge comes from the fact that his attacks deal a ton of damage. If you're not at full health, there's an extremely high chance that you'll be defeated in the next hit.

Where are all Dragonkin soldiers? ›

Dragonkin Soldier is a Boss in Elden Ring. These giant decayed imitations of dragons dwell underneath the earth.
Dragonkin Soldier
LocationSiofra River Lake of Rot
Locations & Drops
Siofra River: 16,000 Dragon Halberd Lake of Rot: 58,000 Dragonscale Blade
2 more rows
Nov 6, 2022

How do I get to Golden Seed in Ainsel River? ›

Once you've progressed the Ranni The Witch Questline to the point where you can use a teleporter in Renna's Rise to enter upper Ainsel River, follow it down to enter Nokstella the Eternal City, and either take the path through the city or along the river to where the Golden Seed waits nearby at the base of some stairs ...

Why is renna rise blocked? ›

Renna's Rise is blocked off by a magical barrier, not unlike those seen in Sellia, Town of Sorcery or its Hideaway. Head back towards Ranni's Rise and get to the top to speak with Ranni and begin her questline. You will be charged with uncovering Nokron the Eternal City with her servant Blaidd.

Is there a boss in Lake of Rot? ›

Along the South wall where the platform was, you can find a natural ramp upwards to reach the boss again. Platform #5 is next to the Lake of Rot boss fight, which is optional. This pressure plate makes it so fighting the boss without scarlet rot is viable, by creating platforms around the boss.

Where is the baleful shadow? ›

Ainsel River Main

Where is the dragon in Ainsel River? ›

In Elden Ring the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella is a Great Enemy Boss that resides in a spacious lagoon south of Nokstella, Eternal City, in the subterranean region of Ainsel River.

How do you stop scarlet rot? ›

The easiest way to increase your resistance to Scarlet rot is to upgrade your Vigor stats in Elden Ring. When you invest points in Vigor, you get a larger health bar, enemy attacks don't inflict much damage, and you will also develop some resistance to the effect of Scarlet rot.

What is the best armor for the Lake of Rot? ›

Best Armor To Cross The Lake Of Rot

For both the "bulldozing" approach and cautious method, wearing Elden Ring's Mushroom Set can be a considerable advantage for crossing the Lake of Rot.

Is it possible to miss Ranni? ›

If the player somehow misses their first encounter with Ranni, this will not prevent her quest from being completed. She can next be found in the Liurnia region, at the top of Ranni's Rise. To access the area where Ranni's Rise resides, you must defeat Royal Knight Loretta at the Caria Manor.

What happens if you tell Ranni no? ›

Ranni will not retaliate if players refuse, and she will even give them the option to serve her again if players initially refuse her and return to Ranni's Rise later in their game.

Can you get to Nokstella from Ainsel River? ›

The Nokstella, Eternal City is located in Ainsel River Main and encompasses most of its western areas. You can reach this area by taking the river west from northern Uhl Palace Ruins.

Where is Ranni after radahn? ›

Ranni's final location is deep down in the Cathedral of Manus Celes in Moonlight Altar. This area is available after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

What is the wandering merchant in Ainsel River? ›

Hermit Merchant Ainsel River is an NPC and one of several Hermit Merchants in Elden Ring. Hermit Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing hints on how to acquire certain items.

What can you do with a miniature Ranni doll? ›

Once you pick up the Miniature Ranni the Witch doll, you'll have this option to speak to it at a Site of Grace. You'll have to press this option several times to get a response. The Baleful Shadow will spawn here if you've spoken to the Ranni doll enough times.

Where to find blaidd after freeing him? ›

To find Blaidd, you'll need to head to Limgrave's Mistwood Ruins at night. If this spot isn't on your map yet, you'll find it on the west side of the forest road, northwest of the Nomadic Merchant in the area.

Can you cheese the mimic tear? ›

So, if you're having a tough time fighting the Mimic Tear boss in Elden Ring, just cheese and go in naked. Then, after it's fully formed, run around with the menu open so you can re-equip your gear. You may also summon Spirit Ashes to help distract it as you're fixing your equipment.

Is there a boss in Nokstella? ›

Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella is a Greater Foe Boss in Elden Ring. This huge, draconic humanoid guards an ancient throne beneath the eternal city of Nokstella.

What is Radahn weak against? ›

Radahn is extremely weak to Scarlet Rot. Inflicting it on him once will bring him down to half health in a short time. Inflicting it on him again near the start of the second phase will kill him in a short time.

What is the best armor vs Radahn? ›

The Crucible Axe Set is a terrific, yet heavy, armor set that players can use after beating two Crucible Knights in the Azuria Hero's Cave outside of Leyndell. Compared to Radahn's set, the Crucible Axe set is heavier but offers better overall protection.

Why is Radahn horse so small? ›

It turns out that Radahn learned Gravity Magic in Elden Ring for the sole purpose of never being separated from his horse, thus alleviating his weight off the shoulders of the horse.

Who is the hardest boss in Elden Ring? ›

The list is unsurprisingly topped by the infamously difficult Elden Ring boss Malenia, whose encounter was attempted some 329 million times, thus accounting for 5.5% of all in-game boss fights the players initiated to date.

What is the best weapon for Malenia? ›

Malenia is susceptible to bleed damage, which makes the Bloodhound's Fang a very effective melee weapon against her. She is also weak to frostbite, although be warned that FromSoftware has since the Hoarfrost Stomp skill, and you don't really want to be rooted to the spot too long against this fast-moving opponent.

Can Malenia be rotted? ›

Malenia was also born with a curse in the form of the "Scarlet Rot," a lethal blight that slowly degraded her body and infected anyone close to her.

Is 150 max level in Elden Ring? ›

The highest level possible is a grand total of 713, achievable when all eight attributes are capped at 99 points.

What is the max strength in Elden Ring? ›

Strength is the only attribute that can increase beyond 99, up to 150. This is not shown to the player. Wielding an armament with two hands while at 99 strength will grant 148 strength, but 150 strength is possible with the help of strength-boosting equipment.

What is the max level in Elden Ring? ›

What is the Max Level in Elden Ring? Hitting max level in Elden Ring means getting to level 713, which costs 1,692,558,415 runes in total. To accomplish this, Fireman_Artsen beat the game enough times to get to New Game+ 8, while also doing plenty of co-op and rune farming.

How do I open the Ainsel River Well? ›

Ainsel River Well Walkthrough

Once the Golem has been defeated simply walk through the entrance of the building to find a lever on the right wall and the elevator in the center of the building. Stepping on the button in the middle of the elevator will lower you down into the Ainsel River underground region.

How to find Ainsel River Merchant? ›

Hermit Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing hints on how to acquire certain items. This Hermit Merchant can be found in the far end of a large stone ruin in south-western Ainsel River.

How do you open the blue chests in Dragon Quest treasures? ›

Blue chests can be unlocked with blue keys, just like red or green chests can be unlocked with red and green keys. These keys can be acquired by following Princess Anemone's questline, which leads players to find stone monuments in Dragon Quest Treasures, headed by the Princess' royal guards.

Where is the doll in Ainsel River? ›

At the top of the tower you'll find a transporter that takes you to Ainsel River Main. Once there, walk forward and you'll find a Site of Grace. Nearby there'll be an item to pick up, a Ranni the Witch Doll.

Can you get to Lake of Rot from Ainsel River? ›

Lake of Rot is a Location in Elden Ring. The Lake of Rot region features treacherous red waters that inflict scarlet rot on players that stay in it too long. You can reach it from Ainsel River Main, by heading south-west from the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace (find it on the Interactive Map here).

What does manus celes mean? ›

The name "Manus Celes" means "Hidden Hand", derived from Latin "manus", meaning "hand", and Latin "cēlēs" meaning "hide." It likely refers to the Two Fingers hiding below the cathedral.

How do I get to Dragonkin in Ainsel River? ›

To get to the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella's location, Tarnished travelers must make their way to the Ainsel River Well in West Liurnia. Starting from the Church of Vows, head down the slope towards the Eastern Tableland Grace Site. Continue down the path west to the ridge along the coastline.

What does the imprisoned merchant sell? ›

Imprisoned Merchant is an NPC and Merchant in Elden Ring. Similar to Nomadic Merchants, the Imprisoned Merchant serves as a general goods vendor, selling various Consumables, Ammunition and other items.

Is Dragon Quest Treasures hard? ›

Collecting and combat in Dragon Quest Treasures are so simple, yet there are so many systems and stats that don't seem to make much of a difference, at least not until you get into more challenging post-game content.

Where are the blue chests? ›

Blue chests are found in dungeons and other interior areas (like towns, caves, etc.). Horace's Chart Chests spell (complete Horace's Riddles to earn it in Hamelin) will let you find all manner of chests in interior areas.

Where is the shade of Blaidd? ›

Travel to Mistwood, and go to the Siofra River Well to access the underground. Blaidd can be found in the location shown above. Speak with him, and he'll want help trying to reach Nokron. Now, you need to return to Seluvis' Rise, another tower in the Three Sisters just to the southeast of Ranni's.

What level do you have to be to fight the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella? ›

Though there is no hard recommended level, it seems that you will be more than capable of taking it down if you're at least in the Level 30-35 range and beyond. Furthermore, this fight will go much smoother if you're comfortable with mounted combat.


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