The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (2023)

Which are the best endgame weapons in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has an insane amount of weapons, and that’s one of the reasons the game is so enjoyable.

From axes to daggers to curved swords, halberds, spears, and katanas, you have so many options that knowing which weapon will effectively handle an enemy the way you truly want can feel overwhelming.

The Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring

We’ve made things simpler for you with this list of the best weapons and how to go about acquiring each one of them.

Without further ado, here’s a list of Elden Ring’s 10 best endgame weapons:

10. Godskin Peeler

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (1)

Weapon Type: Twin blades

The Godskin Peeler is one of the unique twin-blade found in Elden Ring.

One end features a winding spike for boring into fleshes, and there’s a sickle at the other end that you can use for slicing attacks.

Its unique skill is called Black Flame Tornado, where you can hurl black flames at your enemies.

You need an excellent level of skill to wield this weapon effectively, and that’s what makes it powerful against many enemies.

How to Obtain the Godskin Peeler:

Laying your hands on the Godskin Peeler means defeating theGodskin Apostle.

To do so, find your way to Dominula, Windmill Village in Altus Plateau, at the far north end of the map.

9. Banished Knights Halberd

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (2)

Weapon Type: Halberd

What makes the Banished Knight’s Halberd a reliable weapon in Elden Ring is its fantastic combination of skill and power. This weapon is a proper melee weapon that you can use for crowd control due to how strong it is.

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You can also use its special skill dubbed Charge Forth to double up on your opponent by charging forward. The Banished Knights Halberd has an impressive force behind each swing, with a critical and physical attack power of 100 and 125, respectively.

How to Obtain the Banished Knight’s Halberd:

You can acquire the Banished Knight’s Halberd through different means and when you do, level up its Strength and Dexterity scale to further improve the damage level of your character.

One way to get the Banished Knight’s Halberd is to defeat Edgar the Revenger at the Revenger’s Shack.

8. Cipher Pata

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (3)

Weapon Type: Fists

Cipher Pata is one of the most incredible weapons in Elden Ring.

It’s potent and unique in so many ways. Its weapon skill, Unblockable Blade, allows you to initiate a powerful lunge attack that can’t be blocked. Also, the Cipher Pata won’t weigh you down for anyone with a low equipment load threshold because it has no weight.

A fist weapon that attaches to your wrist, the Cipher Pata scales only with Faith and can deal 85 Holy damage.

This blade requires a minimum of 30 Faith points which might seem complicated to obtain early on, but you can still get it extremely early in the game.

So, if your character has high Faith stats, get yourself to the Roundtable Hold.

How to Obtain the Cipher Pata:

At the Roundtable Hold, you will find Mad Tongue Alberich, an NPC invader who wouldn’t hesitate to turn you into smithereens for stepping into his lair.

7. Godslayer’s Greatsword

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (4)

Weapon Type: Greatsword

The Godslayers Greatsword is very useful against enemies with high physical defense stats.

This weapon is the heaviest and one of the best Greatswords in Elden Ring. Wielding the Godslayer means you only scale based on Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. Due to its weight, it takes 4 seconds to make a swing, but it does a truckload of physical and fire damage when landed successfully.

Its weapon skill is the Queen’s Black Flame, and what makes this skill so cool is the sweeping slash it delivers after setting the blade on fire. You can even add a follow-up attack while the black flames continue to wear down your enemy’s HP.

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How to Obtain the Godslayer’s Greatsword:

You can find the Godslayer in a chest behind the Godskin Apostle boss after defeating him at the Divine Tower of Caelid.

6. Reduce

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (5)

Weapon Type: Dagger

Reduvia is a powerful Dagger with a distinctive curved blade that lets you inflict staggering damage when you stab an enemy. It’s one of those few weapons in Elden Ring that can turn an average build into something truly remarkable.

As you go further in the game and level up its Strength and Dexterity, it will scale even better and might turn out to be a perfect weapon for spell slingers. Its unique Skill, the Reduvia Blood Blade, transforms the never-drying bloodstains on your dagger into flying blood blades that you can hurl at your enemies and deal a lot of damage.

This dagger can deal 110 Critical damage 79 Physical damage and brutalize your enemy’s flesh with nasty effectiveness.

Qualities like these make the Reduvia one of the best weapons in Elden Ring.

How to Obtain the Reduvia:

You will need to find and defeat the miniboss named Bloody Finger Nerijus at the Murkwater Cave.

5. Bloodhounds Fang

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (6)

Weapon Type: Curved Greatsword

The Bloodhounds Fang is the best-curved Greatsword in Elden Ring. Sleek with a rugged look and excellent bleed status that allows you to deliver gut-wrenching damage, this curved Greatsword is excellent at roll-catching enemies and following up with an attack.

Its skill is dubbed Bloodound’s Finesse, and it allows you to distance yourself and your enemies by doing a quick backward somersault, following it up with a powerful Step attack. The Bloodhound’s Fang’s biggest strength is the ability to land incredibly impactful blows without setting yourself up for a counterattack.

With Physical damage of 141 and reliable blood loss buildup, there’s absolutely no reason not to trust this weapon in every situation.

How to Obtain the Bloodhound’s Fang:

You’d have to head to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol to get the Bloodhound’s Fang. Challenge and eliminate the boss Bloodhound Knight Darriwil.

4. Bastards Stars

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (7)

Weapon Type: Flail

Flails are one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, and that’s mainly due to their capability to deal real magic damage on an enemy. The Bastard’s Stars is strong, scales well with Intelligence, and you must have 22 Intelligence, 22 Dexterity, and 8 Strength to wield it. Its default weapon, Skill, is Nebula, a powerful dark cloud that explodes after a short while.

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Wielding the Bastards stars makes killing weaker enemies easy, and you can even stun bosses after using it on them about three times. You can upgrade this weapon by using Somber Smithing Stones but can’t for any reason fuse it with Ashes of War.

How to Obtain the Bastard Stars:

To lay your hands on the Bastards stars, you have to defeat Astel, Natural Born of The Void, and use the Remembrance of the Naturalborn you obtain to exchange the Bastards stars from the hands of Enia at Roundtable Hold.

3. Dark Moon Greatsword

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (8)

Weapon Type: Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword is one of the most potent weapons. It’s the perfect blend for both normal and magic attacks. Suppose you’re looking for an Intelligence-scaling melee weapon that’s great for spells and has close-range options; this is for you.

Its skill, Moonlight Greatsword, raises magic attack power and is also potent as it buildups frost damage on the blade, releasing charges of moonlight damage upon charged attacks. Like the Bleed effect, triggering Frost also deals damage like stamina regeneration but slowly.

How to Obtain the Dark Moon Greatsword:

This fabled weapon is just making another appearance in FromSoftware’s array of games. Acquiring the Dark Moon Greatsword means following Ranni’s quest line.

2. Wing of Astel

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (9)

Weapon Type: Curved Sword

Wing of Astel edges out all curved swords in Elden Ring. It is as lethal as they come.

Wing of Astel Requirements:

To wield it, you need to have:

  • Dexterity (Level 17)
  • Intelligence (Level 20)
  • Strength (Level 7)

This weapon is excellent for arcane attributes, which increases your chances of getting items from defeated enemies throughout the Discovery stat.

Its weapon skill is Nebula, a weapon art that leaves a powerful dark cloud that causes serious damage by exploding after some time. Using Wing of Astel can help you move faster throughout the game as it could improve your Equipment Stat. Wing of Astel is one of the few light weapons in Elden Ring, with a weight value of 2.5. Unfortunately, it can’t be enchanted, infused, or boosted by Ashes of War.

However, you can use Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade the weapon.

How to Obtain the Wing of Astel:

To obtain the Wing of Astel, you’d have to locate the Uhi Palace Ruins.

The Wing of Astel will be in a small chest at the top of the ruins in the palace.

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Go through the northern section of the Ainsel River to easily locate the Uhi Palace.

1. Moonveil

The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring (10)

Weapon Type: Katana

Moonveil is truly special, and it is arguably the best weapon in the entire game. It’s a powerful Katana that can scale with Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity.

What makes this gem of a weapon truly remarkable is the countless number of enemies you can use it against. Whether you are up against a boss or a group of less powerful enemies, the Moonveil will never let you down.

The Moonveil Katana can deal both Slash and Pierce damage with 87 Magical damage and 73 Physical damage to its name.

Talking of names, its weapon skill is named Transient Moonlight. It is a powerful skill that lets you perform an Instant Slash Attack on an enemy and follow it up with shots of lightning bolts.

Performing a heavy attack on an enemy cannot be overstated as it creates an opening for you to land a critical hit. When done right, it stuns the enemy enough to break their poise. You’ve got a mixture of abundant power and magic on your hands when wielding this awesome katana.

How to Obtain the Moonveil:

To acquire the Moonveil, you’d have to defeat Magma Wyrm at the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.


For players who prefer to get close to their enemies, daggers like the Reduvia are your best bet in taking down an enemy without risking a big hit on your health.

But, if you like to keep your distance, mid to long-range weapons should do the trick.

You can use a bow or a curved sword like the Wing of Astel, especially to roll-catch opponents who like to dodge.

However, the Moonveil is one weapon you should do everything you can to lay your hands on. It’s worth all the trouble.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best endgame weapons in Elden Ring:

  1. Moonveil
  2. Wing of Astel
  3. Dark Moon Greatsword
  4. Bastard Stars
  5. Bloodhound’s Fang
  6. Reduce
  7. Godslayer’s Greatsword
  8. Cipher Pata
  9. Banished Knights Halberd
  10. Godskin Peeler

Are there any other Elden Ring endgame weapons you’d recommend? Leave a comment below.


The 10 Best Endgame Weapons in Elden Ring? ›

It is absolutely safe to say that Blasphemous Blade is the best armament in Elden Ring for Faith or Str/Fai builds. How to obtain: to get Blasphemous Blade, first defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy at Mt. Gelmir, and you will get rewarded with Remembrance of the Blasphemous.

What is the strongest weapon in Elden Ring? ›

It is absolutely safe to say that Blasphemous Blade is the best armament in Elden Ring for Faith or Str/Fai builds. How to obtain: to get Blasphemous Blade, first defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy at Mt. Gelmir, and you will get rewarded with Remembrance of the Blasphemous.

What is the god killing weapon in Elden Ring? ›

What is the God killing weapon Elden ring? Godslayer's Greatsword is a Colossal Sword in Elden Ring. The Godslayer's Greatsword scales primarily with Dexterity and Faith, with mediocre scaling in Strength, and is a good Weapon for inflicting fire-based damage.

What is the rarest sword in Elden Ring? ›

One of the most emblematic rare weapons in Elden Ring is the Magma Blade, a unique curved sword that deals with physical and fire damage.

What is the fastest sword in Elden Ring? ›

The far more obtainable Estoc is one of the strongest and fastest attacking thrusting swords in Elden Ring. Its heavy attack, like the Noble's Estoc, deals slashing damage.

Who is the hardest endgame boss in Elden Ring? ›

The list is unsurprisingly topped by the infamously difficult Elden Ring boss Malenia, whose encounter was attempted some 329 million times, thus accounting for 5.5% of all in-game boss fights the players initiated to date.

What is the strongest character build in Elden Ring? ›

Best Elden Ring Strength build: Giant-Crusher

It's an excellent pick for any Strength build and, with a range of buffs available from incantations and other abilities, you'll find that it can easily kill most enemies in just a few hits. Oh, and you can dual wield it in new game plus.

What is the most fun Elden Ring build? ›

10 Most Fun Builds To Use In Elden Ring
  • 8 Assassin.
  • 7 Black Flame Wielder.
  • 6 Holy Knight.
  • 5 Pure Bleed.
  • 4 Spellsword.
  • 3 Hunter Of The Dead.
  • 2 Vigor/Strength Hybrid.
  • 1 Intelligence/Dexterity Hybrid.
Jan 18, 2023

What sword kills Undead in Elden Ring? ›

Golden Epitaph is a Straight Sword in Elden Ring. The Golden Epitaph scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity and Faith. It is a good Weapon for dealing Holy Damage, especially when wielded against Undead. A sword made to commemorate the death of Godwyn the Golden, first of the demigods to die.

What is the Lord of blood weapon in Elden Ring? ›

"Trident of Mohg, Lord of Blood. A sacred spear that will come to symbolize his dynasty. As well as serving as a weapon, it is an instrument of communion with an outer god who bestows power upon accursed blood. The mother of truth desires a wound."

Is there a gun in Elden Ring? ›

Clearly this is just one of the many weapons that will be at our disposal in Elden Ring, but it's still a little jarring to see a gun - however medieval looking it might be - in the middle of a game all about swords and sorcery.

What is the easiest legendary sword in Elden Ring? ›

The Grafted Blade Greatsword may be the easiest of the Legendary Armaments to obtain, but it's certainly no slouch. Now even more powerful thanks to 1.04's patch buffing its base damage, this sword is capable of dealing massive damage with its slow, sweeping strikes.

What is the fastest hardest hitting weapon in Elden Ring? ›

Hands down, the most ridiculously powerful bleed weapon in Elden Ring, Rivers of Blood can cut bosses to shreds with very little brain power needed. Simply walking near the target and spamming the left trigger will leave them lying at the Tarnished's feet.

What is the longest sword in Elden? ›

The Noble's Slender Sword is best known for being the longest Straight Sword in Elden Ring.

What is Elden Beast weakness? ›

Holy damage will heal them, so avoid using it completely, and they have resistance to all status effects, meaning the Elden Beast weakness is pure physical damage. They also have a weak spot on their stomach which you can aim for to deal more damage.

What is the biggest monster in Elden Ring? ›

If Elden Ring players visit Caelid, they can find the Elder Dragon Greyoll, which is quite likely the largest enemy in the entire game.

What is the max Intelligence in Elden Ring? ›

Intelligence also boosts magic damage resistance, making it helpful to a variety of builds. Your first target should be leveling Intelligence to 20 points this is when the first soft cap sets in. The next slightly harder cap is at 50 points, before a full cap at 80.

What is the best strength skill in Elden Ring? ›

Flame, Grant me Strength is one of the best spells in Elden Ring, as it briefly raises your physical attack power. For the next 30 seconds, each swing with the Giant-Crusher will deal roughly 20% more damage, which is huge when you are already dealing thousands of damage points per hit.

What is the best combo in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring's Best Halberd Combo Is The Dragon Halberd & Guardian's Swordspear. A power stance combo for Tarnished focused on both Strength and Dexterity comes from the category of Halberds: specifically, the Dragon Halberd and the Guardian's Swordspear.

How long to beat Elden? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Elden Ring is about 57 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 133 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is the samurai good in Elden Ring? ›

As well as the armor, the Samurai class gives players the rare pleasure of having three major weapon types straight away - a katana, bow, and shield. This can be considered as a perfect class to start with for players who aren't entirely sure which weapon they want to favor.

Does the Twinblade cause blood loss? ›

Eleonora's Poleblade is a Twinblade in Elden Ring. The Eleonora's Poleblade scales primarily with Dexterity, and Arcane, and secondarily with Strength. The Weapon causes blood loss buildup, and has physical and fire damage.

Is Morgott cursed sword good? ›

The Morgott's Cursed Sword scales primarily with Arcane and Dexterity, with reduced scaling in Strength, and is a good Weapon for melee combat. Its unique skill, Cursed-Blood Slice, allows players to charge forward and deliver a downward slice that causes an additional Blood Loss build up effect.

How good is God Slayer Greatsword? ›

Godslayer's Greatsword is a Colossal Sword in Elden Ring. The Godslayer's Greatsword scales primarily with Dexterity and Faith, with mediocre scaling in Strength, and is a good Weapon for inflicting fire-based damage.

What sword causes scarlet rot in Elden Ring? ›

Rotten Crystal Sword is a Straight Sword in Elden Ring. The Rotten Crystal Sword scales primarily with strength and intelligence, with a secondary scaling in dexterity. Sword fashioned from pure crystal; a deed impossible for a human. It festers with scarlet rot.

What sword explodes in Elden Ring? ›

The Eclipse Shotel is fast, maneuverable, and has access to the unique Death Flare skill, which lights the sword ablaze and allows players to inflict the death ailment upon their foes by striking them. It also has a follow-up attack that will cause an explosion if players use the skill in quick succession.

Can rivers of blood go above 10? ›

The Rivers of Blood katana is upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones, meaning you can upgrade it to a final value of +10.

What to dual wield with rivers of blood? ›

It is recommended that players dual wield the Rivers of Blood katana alongside either the Uchigatana or Nagakiba, with the second of these two options requiring some additional points be put into Strength.

How do you beat Okina? ›

In order to defeat Okina, Ghostwire: Tokyo players will need to pull out her two cores, which are located in her mouth and her abdomen. Although both are clearly visible right from the get-go, players will need to damage them quite a bit before they'll be able to pull them out.

What are the weapons of the god killer? ›

The God-Killers are five weapons said to have been forged to fight the Faceless Ones. They are a sword, a dagger, a spear, a bow, and the Sceptre of the Ancients.

What do holy weapons do in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring Holy Damage Guide

Holy Damage is a type of Elemental Damage dealt by both players and enemies alike. Holy Damage is often effective against Undead creatures. Most enemies that utilize Holy Damage will often (but not always) have high resistance or immunity to Holy Damage.

Which is the strongest weapon in god? ›

The Blades of Exile and the Leviathan Axe both are the best weapons in God of War.

What sword kills gods? ›

The God Killer is a sword created by Hephaestus that can, as the name implies, kill Gods.

Who is the weapon maker god? ›

As a smithing god, Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus. He served as the blacksmith of the gods, and was worshipped in the manufacturing and industrial centres of Greece, particularly Athens.

What is Godfrey weak to? ›

Godfrey is weak to slash damage:If possible, using weapons like katanas and curved swords will see you doing extra damage here. All Physical damage types, along with Lightning, Magic, and Fire are also effective.

What is the best damage type in Elden Ring? ›

Magic is incredibly powerful in Elden Ring, and this type of elemental damage can topple most well-armored enemies that are resistant to physical attacks. Most damage-inflicting Sorceries deal magic damage, as well as a few Incantations like Glintstone Breath.


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